Monday, June 9, 2008

Keefe Bruyette Raises Price Target on MasterCard (MA) to $363

Who's working for Keefe Bruyette and how much are they getting paid? I just saw a lame upgrade on a stock by them and thought I would do a little research to find out what else they've been up to...$363/3700693.html

So, what year do they expect MA to reach the target price of $363? 2010?

Let me give you an example of the way true analysts should give target prices:
Analyst Tom Gilkison sets a target price on MA of $240 by September 15th, 2008

Look Ma! I have a target goal for MA!

It's been BUY BUY BUY since January 08. Well, I guess with the price of gas and all...people are using their MasterCard more often. Hmmmm...I'm still sticking with my target!

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