Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Types of Motions

Add Additional Party (ADDP)

Amend (AMND)

Change Of Venue (CHVN)

Claim Exemptions (CDEX)

Compel (CMPL)

Consolidation (CNSL)

Contempt (CNTP)

Continue (CNTN)

Default Judgment (DEFJ)

Deposition (DEPO)

Designate A Mediator (DSMD)

Disburse Funds (DFND)

Dismiss (Involuntary) (DISM)

Entry Of Default (EODF)

Ex Parte Restraining (EXPR)

Exempt From Arbitration (EXAR)

Exempt/Waive Mediation (EXMD)

Extension Of Time (EXTM)

Failure To Join Necessary Party (FJNP)

Failure To State A Claim (FASC)

Improper Venue/Division (IMVN)

Increase Bond (INBN)

In The Cause (INTC)

In Limine (ILIM)

Insufficiency Of Process (INPR)

Insufficiency Of Service Of Process (INSP)

Interplead (INTP)

Intervene (INTR)

Join (JOIN)

Judgment On Pleading (JOPL)

Jury View (JRVW)

Lack Jurisdiction (Subject Matter) (LJSM)

Lack Jurisdiction (Person) (LJPN)

Limit Deposition (LDEP)

Modification Of Alimony (MALI)

Modification Of Custody (MCUS)

Modification Of Support (MSUP)

Modification Of Visitation (MVIS)

More Definite Statement (Rule 12) (MDST)

New Trial (NTRL)

Objection Of Exemptions Claimed (OEXC)

Other (OTHR) (Describe on front)

Preliminary Injunction (PREL)

Quash (QUSH)

Release From Stay Of Execution (RSEX)

Sanctions (SANC)

Selection Of Mediator By Agreement (SMAP)

Set Aside (VCMD)

Sever Issues Or Claims (SICL)

Show Cause (SHOW)

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