Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life Expectancy and Longevity - 120 years

The Maximimum Life of a Human is 120 Years

Man Lives to 70 or 80 if he has the Strength
The mainstream view on the future of longevity, such as the US Census Bureau, is that life expectancy in the USA will be in the mid-80s by 2050 (up from 77.85 in 2006) and will top out eventually in the low 90s, barring major scientific advances that can change the rate of human aging itself, as opposed to merely treating the effects of aging as is done today. The Census Bureau also predicted that the USA would have 5.3 million people aged over 100 in 2100.

Life Expectancy is Declining in the United States
Ezzati finds this a grim statistic for an industrialized nation. "We don't associate worsening of health, worsening of life expectancy with something that happens in a developed high-income country." Ezzati finds this a grim statistic for an industrialized nation. "We don't associate worsening of health, worsening of life expectancy with something that happens in a developed high-income country."

Friday, April 11, 2008

The United States of Sue Happy, Messed Up, Deserving Families

Virginia Tech

"Massacre victims have agreed in principle to accept an $11 million settlement in exchange for agreeing not to sue the state."

It makes no sense...the State of Virginia is in the wrong because some guy is depressed and decides to go on a rampage?


"At least 18 victims' families, as well as the parents of one of the killers, say they intend to sue the county sheriff, the school district or both over the April 20 assault."

Sue the sheriff because they didn't tell everyone a kid in school had issues? And what would happen if the sherrif told everyone, would the kids parents sue the sherrif for malice?

At issue in the trial is whether the Davidians or the federal government is chiefly responsible for the deaths of the 84 men, women and children — including four federal agents — who perished in the shootout, siege and fire. The suit has been brought by the kin of some 60 of Mount Carmel's Davidian dead and by a few Davidians who survived the ordeal.

The government is responsible for the deaths because the government told them to come out with their hands in the air, and they chose not to? The government is put in place to enforce the law, but when it comes time to enforce they can take no action? Didn't the government give them a few days to make a lifesaving decision?

Do the sane live among the insane? Hats off to Andy Goddard in the Virginia Tech link above:

"The priority for me was not to sue, but to find out what went wrong," said Andy Goddard of Richmond, whose son, Colin, was shot four times and survived. "The most important thing was determining exactly what went wrong, not necessarily who -- I'm not interested in seeing a line of heads on spikes.

"We don't need to add any more victims to this tragedy. But we need to find out exactly what went wrong, learn from it, so that it never happens again."

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free Subversion Repository Space (500 MB)

Every so often I come across a good thing. It's rare, but when I find it I just want to tell everyone about it.

The site is fast, simple, productive, and you can start a project for free.

Our Development team uses Perforce, so our Consulting team decided to piggy-back on what was already being used. After fighting Perforce and losing 3 days of code which was overwritten during a sync, we decided to try something else. The Microsoft solution was going to cost us 10k, Visual Source Safe was cheap and old, so we decided to go with something free and fresh - Subversion. There's no turning back now.

Subversion has a wonderful interface and it has never eaten my hours of development time by copying the old files down to my local - overwritting my work. Sometimes it is difficult to get the Subversion repository sync'd due to conflicts, but we have always managed to figure out a way to make it happen.

In searching for free Subversion storage for a personal project, I came across Assembla. I thought "Oh great, another lame free site. What will I have to put up with for some storage?"

I was shocked. I could have used something like SourceForge or Microsoft's Codeplex but to be honest, these sites confuse me. Google hasn't even stepped up to 'logical site design' at Google Code The free source control sites seem to be littered with advertisements and they lack good navigation. It's like they were designed by programmers :)

Whoever designed Assembla should be working for Google. Maybe Google will buy them out and change the name of the site to 'Googlembla". Whatever you want to call it, I call it a 'Top Pick'.

Give it a try! What have you got to lose?

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