Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tortise SVN Optimization and Tweaks

TortiseSVN settings are not the best by default. To get to the settings, right click on a folder and: TortiseSVN / Settings

If you have not started using Tortise, I would recommend checking the box that says "Use '_svn" instead of ".svn" directories. DO NOT CHECK THIS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE FOLDERS USING SVN.
If it causes problems in VS 2003, it may cause problems with other applications as well.

Icon Overlays:
I noticed that there was a process in Task Manager called "TSVNCache.exe" which is taking up 60k of memory and running at 1-2% every other second causing I/O on the hard drive. My laptop has been running slow, so I was searching to increase speed. I found out that by default, TortiseSVN is set to Overlay all of C:\ and any other Fixed drives.

1. Check Fixed Drives, but exclude them in "Excluded paths:"

2. Include the paths to the root folders which are using Subversion:

3. Open up Task Manager and right-click on the TSVNCache.exe process. Choose "Set Priority / Low".

It's amazing how my hard drive has stopped thrashing!

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