Saturday, August 16, 2008

Telerik with VS 2008 - Working with 2.0 Framework

I am having a problem getting Telerik to work with the .NET 2.0 framework in Visual Studio 2008. After everything was set up correctly, the final solution was to RE-START VISUAL STUDIO! RE-START VISUAL STUDIO!

Here is the properties of the DLL in our Library folder which we reference:

Originally, the Telerik installation only installed the 3.5 components. I unchecked all of the 3.5 components and created a new tab in the Toolbox. Then I Browsed to the Telerik DLL above and the result was that these components were added.

When I drag a control onto an ASPX page, this is the error I receive:

Here is the Web References:

Here is the Build settings:

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Anonymous said...

Your problem appears to stem from the httphandlers in your web.config file that use a fully qualified name. Namely the Telerik DialogHandler and SpellCheckHandler declarations. Below is a link to a Telerik KB article.

KB Article

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