Monday, July 28, 2008

WebDrive Automatically Downloading Files

I thought my FTP Client had been possessed by a ghost. WebDrive worked fine on Windows XP, but after installing on Windows Vista it got a life of its own. By browsing an FPT folder, it would start downloading files into the ether. Try canceling and it would come back to life to steal my bandwidth and download worthless bytes of data.

After a bit of digging I found this...
WebDrive isn't automatically downloading the files it's actually Windows Explorer or another process downloading the files anytime something accesses them. Most likely there are programs running in the background such as anti virus real-time scanning that may be accessing these files. WebDrive will NEVER download a file on it's own, it's always in response to an application opening the file and reading data from it. Explorer column hanlders or thumbnail viewers do this.

You can try the following to prevent downloading by explorer

  • In Windows explorer, choose Tools/Folder Options / View Tab. Make sure "Show popup descriptions" is off, also make sure the explorer "View" mode is set to Details, not "Icons" or "Thumbnails".
  • Also in WebDrive make sure you have enabled "Disable shell column handlers" on the program settings/general settings dialog.
  • For Vista turn on the option "Disable explorer icon handler" on the site properties/file settings dialog.

So far so good. Computer exorcism has occurred and I'm back in business.

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