Monday, July 28, 2008

Windows Vista vs. Windows XP

Windows Vista is a turd. I have finally had to eat Vista for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and compared to XP it's a big slop of fat with lard icing. Besides the minor unnessesary changes, I have managed to lock up the system twice in the last 30 minutes to the point of re-boot. No more "blue screen of death". It's been replaced by a 'hanging processes' for infinity while 'end process' becomes a nice game of nothingness. It's a memory hog and a hard drive hog, and what have I gained? I have gained a machine that sounds like a jet engine which produces enough heat to cause my shoes to melt. Wow! A quad processor and 4GB of RAM that is needed to make this elephant fly.

I don't think it's really Microsoft's fault. Well, I guess it is...I'm sure I have programs installed that are not 'compatible' with Vista - whatever that means.

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